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Testimonials from Clients Who
Receive Chiropractic Care

Please take a moment to read what some of our patients have to say about their experiences in our office.

Dave A. -

"After suffering from severe neck and upper back pain for months, I began seeing Dr. Laura. For weeks, it was difficult to hold my head up and function at home and at work. After an initial period of repeated treatments, I now come in for treatment every 3-4 weeks.

The progress I have made since starting Chiropractic care has been miraculous! I have not had neck problems since February of 2004 and my back feels great. My current treatment is for preventative maintenance only.

Thank-you for your help. I feel great and owe it to Dr. Laura."

Dave G. -

"I began having low back pain and severe right leg pain and numbness in January 2004. My pain was limiting my daily physical activities and making life miserable. I did not notice any relief from conventional medical treatment and it wasn't until I met Dr. Craig at my health club that I considered Chiropractic care. After an examination with Dr. Craig, he referred me for an MRI which indicated some serious disc problems in my low back which were pinching nerves. I started on a treatment plan for Chiropractic treatment and noticed the pain and numbness disappear.

I have resumed all normal daily routines and exercise. I am very satisfied with the results of my treatment with Dr. Craig. I am returning to a healthy, active lifestyle and I am very pleased to be able to do this drug-free!"

Denise T. -

"I started Chiropractic care at Gateway Chiropractic Center for severe migraine headaches as well as pain throughout my neck and back. I had been experiencing these problems since I was a teenager and had been using prescription medication for years. Since starting Chiropractic care it's been wonderful! The back pain and migraines are 100% better. I feel like I am a new woman!

Dr. Laura and Dr. Craig are very personable and make you feel very welcome. My kids love to come for an adjustment and I have recommended them to several friends and family."

Jeanne F. -

"I have been experiencing arthritis related problems throughout my whole body since I was 13 years old. I have found that all other past treatments have not been as effective as my Chiropractic care. I would not be able to function without Chiropractic care and my treatments at Gateway Chiropractic Center give me more freedom to move about and enjoy life with my son."


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