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Healthy Living Chiropractic Newsletter

Gateway Chiropractic Center

3519 Gateway Drive, Eau Claire, WI  54701




Happy Spring issue!

Welcome to our office's Chiropractic newsletter. We'd like to entertain you, inform you and even inspire you a little.  (References available upon request)








We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them. – Kahlil Gibran

You can complain because roses have thorns or you can rejoice because thorns have roses. – Ziggy




  • Antibiotics not effective for ear infections
  • Chiropractic and Spinal Research
  • Sunlight prevents cancer
  • Vitamin K shots – dangerous and unnecessary
  • Another reason to avoid statin drugs
  • Unnecessary Surgery
  • Humor






Chiropractic care releases deep stress


Chiropractic spinal care balances your body structure, relieves deep stress from your spine and nervous system, and gives your body greater harmony, resistance to disease and improved function.

That's why so many millions of people visit chiropractors each year. Nearly every disease and condition responds to a healthier body – a body functioning with a stronger immune system, a body with less stress, a body with more energy.


No matter what the disease, everyone needs to be free from subluxations.

Why wait?


Chiropractors are trained to locate subluxations years before serious symptoms appear. Remember, there wouldn't be any major health problems if we paid attention to minor ones. Why wait until you have a health problem to see a chiropractor? Why not practice preventive health maintenance by having your spinal column checked for spinal nerve stress before you get sick?


Please bring your family in for a chiropractic checkup. Make sure you enjoy the spring and summer in good health.


Antibiotics not effective for acute otitis media (middle ear infection)


Stop with all the antibiotics already! Ear infections usually clear up spontaneously without drugs and they respond faster under chiropractic care. Scientific studies repeatedly show that antibiotics are not indicated for otitis media with effusion (middle ear infection). In fact, two-thirds of children with middle ear infection recover from pain and fever within 24 hours of diagnosis without antibiotics, and over 80% recover within 1-7 days. Antibiotics actually slow healing. This analysis was sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). (1)



Chiropractic and Spinal Research


Did you know there are thousands of papers on the wonders of chiropractic and spinal care in health and disease?  Anyone who has any kind of health problem needs chiropractic care.


Hot Flashes: This is a report of a 55-year-old woman with a four year history of hot flashes related to natural menopause. A distinct downward trend in the frequency of hot flashes is noted following intervention with cervical and upper thoracic adjusting. The patient's improvement was based on entries from the patient's diary and clinical records. (2)

Ear Infection: An upset father brought his 9-year-old son to a chiropractor. He had been having chronic ear infections since he was 3 that had been getting 'progressively worse' and he had been on and off antibiotics at least every six weeks for the past six years. Five years prior, tubes were put in his ears. The child was scheduled for another ear surgery and to have his swollen tonsils and adenoids removed. After the first chiropractic adjustment, the boy stopped complaining about his ears. At a six-week evaluation, there was no ear effusion in either ear and his tonsils and adenoids were normal size. The ENT doctor cancelled surgery. After 5 months the child had no ear infections, no sore throats, no colds, no flu and has been on no medications. (3)

Headache: 28 of a group of 53 headache sufferers received spinal care twice a week for three weeks. The remaining 25 served as controls. The use of analgesics decreased by 36% in the spinal care group, but was unchanged in the control group. The number of headache hours per day decreased by 69% and the headache intensity per episode decreased by 36%. (4)


Sunlight prevents cancer


Insufficient sunlight may increase your chances of getting cancer.


Natural sunlight is necessary for good health. It contains ultraviolet rays that our body needs to create the vitamin D we need. Milk and most supplements contain synthetic vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) that is not nearly as good as natural vitamin D from sunlight or cod liver oil.


Because darker skinned people require 10 to 20 times the sun exposure than lighter skinned people to build up the same amount of vitamin D, African Americans have a much higher rate of cancer than other ethnic groups. More and more research reveals that insufficient exposure to ultraviolet radiation may be an important risk factor for cancer.


There are 13 cancers that appear related to sunlight. These include breast, colon and ovarian cancer and tumors of the bladder, uterus, esophagus, rectum and stomach. A moderate amount of sunlight is very good for you – avoid the UV- blocking sunscreen but be judicious so you don't burn. (5)



Vitamin K shots – dangerous and unnecessary

Hospitals like to administer a synthetic, fat-soluble vitamin K injection to all newborns that is 100 times the daily requirement! If a mother is not malnourished, however, there is no proof that there is a vitamin K deficiency.


The vitamin K shot includes chemicals such as phenol (carbolic acid—a poisonous substance distilled from coal tar), propylene glycol (derived from petroleum and used as an antifreeze and in hydraulic brake fluid) and acetic acid (an astringent antimicrobial agent that may drastically reduce the amount of natural vitamin K that would have otherwise been produced in the digestive tract), formaldehyde (a cancer-causing agent used to embalm bodies), mercury (the most poisonous naturally occurring element) and benzyl alcohol.


Large doses of vitamin K are linked to childhood cancers, leukemia, jaundice and other severe reactions, including death. Animal studies link vitamin K to liver damage, kidney damage and death. Additionally, synthetic vitamin K has never been studied to see if it causes cancer or impairment of fertility.


A Lancet study reports, "We conclude that healthy babies, contrary to current beliefs, are not likely to have a vitamin K deficiency...the administration of vitamin K is not supported by our findings..." (6)






Another reason to avoid statin drugs

Contrary to initial reports, statins do not lower cancer risk. In fact there is research indicating that lower cholesterol levels increase cancer, suicide and death from all causes. There is also no research showing that statins such as Lipitor™, Zocor™, Mevacor™, Crestor™, Pravachol™ and Lescol™ have any effect on mortality from heart disease. (7)


Unnecessary surgery


Charles Inlander, president of People's Medical Society, writes: "Every year millions of Americans have operations they do not need. In fact, the Congressional Committee on Energy and Commerce reports that 20% of all surgeries performed in the US are unnecessary. These include prostate removal, cataract removal, gallbladder removal and wisdom tooth extraction (the granddaddy of all unnecessary surgeries, as about half of all wisdom tooth extractions are unnecessary)." (8)




Actual announcements seen in church newsletters:


 Weight Watchers will meet at 7 PM at the St. Martin's Church. Please use large double door at the side entrance.

The Fasting & Prayer Conference includes meals.

For those of you who have children and don't know it, we have a nursery downstairs.

Next Thursday there will be tryouts for the choir. They need all the help they can get.

Irving Benson and Jessie Carter were married on October 24 in the church. So ends a friendship that began in their school days.

At the evening service tonight, the sermon topic will be "What Is Hell?" Come early and listen to our choir practice.

The ladies of the Church have cast off clothing of every kind. They may be seen in the basement on Friday afternoon.

This evening at 7 PM there will be a hymn singing in the park across from the Church. Bring a blanket and come prepared to sin.

The eighth-graders will be presenting Shakespeare's Hamlet in the church basement Friday at 7 PM. The congregation is invited to attend this tragedy.



See you next month.  Please remember that everyone needs to be free from subluxations so bring your friends and loved ones for a spinal checkup.