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Eau Claire Chiropractor: Dr. Craig Tarini

Dr. Craig Tarini was born in Sudbury, Ontario Canada. After graduating from high school he attended Queens University in Kingston, Ontario Canada where he completed bachelor degrees in physical health education and geography. It was during university that he began seeking chiropractic treatment for sports related injuries.

After developing an interest in chiropractic as a profession, Dr. Craig Tarini began the Doctorate of Chiropractic program at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in 1995. It was during the program at Palmer College that Dr. Craig met his partner and wife, Dr. Laura Bertram.

Prior to graduating in 1999, Dr. Craig Tarini joined Dr. Laura Bertram and several other chiropractors for a trip to India. During this trip, the doctors provided free chiropractic care to thousands of people and met with the country's health officials to discuss the role that chiropractic could play in their health care system.

After graduation, Dr. Craig practiced for two years in Green Bay, Wisconsin. After considerable planning, he teamed up with Dr. Laura and relocated to Eau Claire, to open Gateway Chiropractic Center, S.C. in January 2002.

Currently, Dr. Craig is a member of the WCA (Wisconsin Chiropractic Association). He is also an active member and past president of a local chapter of Business Networking International.

Dr. Craig enjoys music and playing guitar, camping, hockey, swimming, biking, and staying fit. He and Dr. Laura enjoy spending time with their two girls Julia and Lily and the family dog, Jiffy.

Having a family Chiropractic practice is extremely satisfying to Dr. Craig as he has been able to help families grow healthy and guide them to make better lifestyle choices.

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